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One Man and the Mighty Mississippi by Norman Hillman

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Captain Norman Hillman recounts his 60-year adventure as a professional riverboat pilot on America's Great Rivers. His career began in the 1930s with a swim in the Chicago Sanitary Canal and ended on the American Queen Steamboat.

In his own words, Captain Hillman relates his true stories of life and death as captain of modern day commercial towboats. Fire, bridge accidents, and comical characters known to the rivermen are all part of his story.  

"This is a book that should be in every research library. Captain Hillman used real names, dates, locations of real events. It's a wonderful read." ~ Central Barge Reviewer

Purchase our 5x8" paperback version or Click Here to see sample kindle book on Amazon  $9.99   This link also provides a sample copy of the kindle book.

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