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163 Illustrated map of California c. 1950's

163 Illustrated map of California c. 1950's

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Our California map for kids is fun and engaging. What began as a mythical island off the coast of North America has grown into the state we know and love today. It has a history involving wild western frontiers, harsh wilderness, and native American people mixed in with English and Spanish settlers. Though the road to independence would be long and arduous, it would be worth it. 
This map focuses on the quintessential California vibe. Laid back coastal areas, forests teeming with redwoods, and the sunset strip are all prominent features on this map. Familiarize your kids with icons such as Mt. Whitley, and The Mojave Desert. The illustrations are rich, colorful and inviting. The California map, in particular, showcases the diverse topography and climate for which the state is known for, From the wet, northern regions full of ranches, to the dry desert and rain less skies of Catalina Island, California has a diversity unlike an other state. 
Point out industries like logging and oil with your kids, then familiarize them with the other staple California industry, the rich vineyards of the Napa Valley that produce sweet grapes and wines. These are great teaching tools that kids really enjoy because they are so engaging. This is not just looking at a map, after all. These are colorful windows that invite young viewers to “stop and stay a while,” so to speak. They spark the imagination and engage curious minds to wonder what life might be like in another part of the country.
They make perfect gifts too. As a parent, they make the perfect interactive teaching tool. As a grandparent, they are the perfect way to show your grand kids where you disappear too for the summer! Whatever the reason or occasion, one of our kids maps makes the perfect gift choice. We have many states to choose from, all custom made and finished in traditional Great River Arts fashion.
"Due to the unique nature of our maps all sizes are approximate. Please do not purchase a frame until you receive the map and measure it. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of our large limited edition giclees"

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