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154 Kid's map of Colorado

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This pictorial and whimsical map illustration of Colorado is believed to have its origin in a coloring book published in the 1950s. The map’s maker is unknown. It is very detailed, illustrating significant aspects of the State of Colorado though pictures and identifiable names. The bordering states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are identified on the map. A population count of the State of Colorado is given on the map, which is the population of the state in 1950.

Four of Colorado’s important rivers are drawn and labeled. There is the Colorado, Arkansas, Rio Grande, and North Platte Rivers. These are only four of Colorado’s more than one hundred fifty rivers. The rivers are not only depicted as flowing in the State of Colorado, but it also shows the flow of the rivers through other states.

Several national monuments and landmarks are drawn throughout the map. The Rocky Mountain National Park with its majestic peaks, the Mesa Verde National Park which protects Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites, and the Garden of the Gods featuring breathtaking natural scenery are three of Colorado’s finest attractions. Other important sites such as the Mount of the Holy Cross and Will Rogers Shrine are also included in the illustration.

The different industries in the state are also shown on the map. Coal mining, smelting, livestock and farming are the four industries identified on the map. Colorado is still producing coal today, though not one of the top coal mining states. Denver and Pueblo became important smelting centers early on. The map shows sheep as a livestock in the region. In the early 1950s, the sheep industry in the state experienced a decline. Colorado produces a variety of crop in the valley. As shown on the map, sugar beets and potatoes are the main staples that Colorado produces. Added to these industries, Colorado is one of the eleven western states that produce alfalfa hay. It is the most important forage crop grown in the state.

While the drawing of a single bear on the map is not labeled, it is safe to assume that the depiction is that of a black bear. The black bear is said to be the only known bear in Colorado. The map is a fitting illustration of all the things that makes Colorado the state that it is today. It is a place of scenic majestic wonder and a vital farming region.

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