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220 Custom map of the First Coast FL

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Florida's First Coast

First Coast, also known as Northeast Florida, is located on the Atlantic coast, comprising of five counties surrounding Jacksonville: Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns. It extends beyond the southern end of Anastasia Island, to Marineland. The designation “First Coast” originally appeared in a marketing campaign in the 1980s, and has its origins as the first area of Florida to be colonized by Europeans. Ponce De Leon is believed to have landed in the First Coast region during the early 1500s on his first expedition. In the 1560s, the French established the colony of Fort Caroline in what is today Jacksonville. First Coast is not only known for its historical significance, but it is also the state’s best-kept secret as a vacationer’s paradise, that reinforces the regions strong tie to the rest of the state of Florida. It is a unique blend of rich history, leisure and recreational activities that is unique unto itself.


St. Augustine was the first European settlement in the region, and is the nation’s oldest continuously settled city. First Coast is a captivating mix of natural wonders that boast laid-back lifestyles that has drawn many to Northeast Florida. It is home to many unique, inviting and unspoiled areas that displays the natural beauty of Florida. Anastasia State Park is just one of the many natural treasures to explore on a visit to Florida’s First Coast.  The flora of Northeast Florida are diverse and creates a wonderful display of exquisite colors and blooms. Some of the native flowers that can be found in Northeast Florida includes: Amaranth, Bluestem Grass, Butterfly Weed, Pawpaw, Bromeliads, Canna Lily, Coreopsis, and Crinum Lily, among many others. Some of the region’s native plants include: Fetterbush, Sweet Goldrod, Horsetail, Coontie, Bracken fern, Sycamore, Holly, Staggerbush, and dozens more. The fauna of the region are equally as exquisite, with birds such as the heron, anhinga, wood stork, and Bald eagle, along with several species of aquatic creatures and reptiles (iguanas, alligators, turtles, snakes).

 The abundant natural beauty of Florida’s First Coast offers once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. From a trip to Amelia Island, Jacksonville, or St. Augustine, to splashing into the surf on horseback, zip-lining over alligators, or swimming in the ocean, the region has something for everyone to enjoy.

This is a digitally colored map designed by Lisa Middleton and her team.

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