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The land belongs forever to those who love it most. Immortalize your family land with our exquisite family land maps. 

Let this be your chance to tell the story of your lifetime. Our exclusive map concierge service in includes an 8-week map design program by a choice combination of telephone and email service, or a hands-on experience using paper maps shipped to you so you and your family can participate in it's creation. We will use your images and family notes to create the map describing your family's land and a short film to depict your stories first hand. 

Don't let any more time pass. Share your story and your vision with your family. Lisa Middleton, the mapmaker-to-the-stars and her dedicated team of cartographic and design professionals will create a magical map for all to enjoy. You will be able to connect your family with your beloved family ranch or preserve, tell the stories, share the legends. Laugh, cry, and recreate with the help of our map concierge service. 

Price points have different customer service offerings. 

“Lisa’s custom-made map communicates both the rural nature of our area, natural beauty and the fiercely independent spirit of our residents in a beautiful color palette with rich, hearty colors.” Private Client, Martha's Vineyard CT

“Working with you was a charm and so easy. You had a very tight framework and each deadline was met including helping me find a framer to complete the work. The entire experience was a dream and one I want to thank you from all of us.” Corporate Client, Palo Alto CA 

“A group of us pooled our resources and ordered a custom map for our director and she cried over how beautiful it was! Lisa was very helpful and easy to work with and she created our map to be better than I could have imagined.” Corporate Client, Issaquah WA 

“The [Danube]  map blew everyone away. I know it was a challenge when I contacted you and I personally cannot thank you enough for solving my challenge. The captains of the ships loved the prints so much, I gifted the framed samples to them at the end of the trip. They were very touched by your work!” Corporate Client, Traverse City MI

Throughout the process of creating the map Lisa was in contact with me about the area to cover, and specific towns and features I wanted to include to personalize the map for us. The finished product is beautifully done, and made such a special, personal gift. I found Lisa very accommodating and easy to work with and would recommend her without reservation.” Corporate Client, DE

"I was part of an organization that was looking for a retirement gift for a founding member. She had been a great preservationist of the Flathead Valley. The board wanted to honor her work and we thought of a map being a way to give her the area she had worked so hard to protect. I was thrilled when I found your custom maps. The Flathead Valley  was a perfect solution. You did a fabulous job customizing different aspects of the map and she was over the moon when she received it.
I had seen tour maps at an art show in Whitefish and had taken your card as tour work was so unique and special.
Over the weekend I was at a friends house and she had just purchased the map of Whitefish Lake from a gallery in Whitefish. She was hanging it in her new home. Beautiful piece also."

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