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128 Vermont 1855

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Vermont is known for its picturesque views. So much so in fact, that one could almost follow its history by simply choosing postcards from the past. Fields and forests burst with color during the fall, just in time to announce the arrival of winter with the promise of its snow capped mountains. Picturesque churches dot the countryside landscape year round, reminding one and all of the importance of faith and community.

That would be no more evident perhaps, than the year 1865. This particular historical snapshot would find Vermont in a bit of respite. As the Civil War was officially over, the state would begin to rebuild, even though the Vermont Regiment itself would not return to the state until the following year. It would take some time for the economic stability of the state to return to normal, yet new construction was certainly in full swing. With it came the promise of a normal life, and the return to a simpler, more stable time. It would be that year that several mansions would be constructed. One in particular, the Park McCollough house, would come to be known as one of the finest Victorian mansions in the area.

It would ultimately contain 35 rooms, a carriage barn, and a nice gardens area. Throughout its time, it would serve as a home for two of the states governors. Mansions like these, announcing the reconstruction era of our nation, would mean economic growth and stability for states like Vermont. It would mean sounds such as hammers and saws would replace the sound of marching infantry boots, and blaring cavalry horns.

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