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274-Lake Champlain, New York custom map

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Whether it is pastoral farmland or quaint eclectic towns stretching along the shores of Lake Champlain, this lake and its surrounding area are a scenic beauty that captivates. This natural, freshwater lake has portions within the borders of the United States, in New York and Vermont, and across the Canada–U.S. border, in the Northwestern Territories of Canada. The New York segment of the Champlain Valley extends into the eastern regions of Clinton County and Essex County, covering most of the Adirondack Park. On the western and eastern shores of the lake are the cities of Plattsburgh, New York and Burlington, while the village of Ticonderoga, New York is found in the southern region.

Lake Champlain was named in honor of French explorer Samuel de Champlain, who ventured into the Champlain Valley in July of 1609. While not quite the size of the Great Lakes- Ontario, Erie, Huron, Superior, and Michigan, Lake Champlain is a large body of water, roughly 1,269 km2 in area, 201 km long, 23 km across at its widest point, and has a maximum depth of approximately 400 feet. Its coastline stretches for about 600 miles and is relatively underdeveloped. It contains more than 70 islands and has five major segments, each with its own unique features. The South Lake is a long, slender  riverine; the Main Lake makes up the deepest and widest portion of the lake; Malletts Bay features historical railroad and road causeways; the Inland Sea, situated east of the Hero Islands, and Missisquoi Bay is large with an abundance of aquatic life.

Lake Champlain is home to the oldest fossil coral reef in the world, including the fossilized coral reefs on Isle La Motte and at Button Bay, formed some 500 million years ago. Another geological feature of the lake is an ancient range of mountains on the New York shoreline that predated the Adirondacks. Wetlands that shape the lake includes, marshes, lakeshore grasslands, lakeside floodplain forests, and riverine floodplain forests. Lake Champlain serves as a rich environment for a diversity of wildlife, such as the common ring-billed gulls, double-crested cormorants, and the double-crested cormorants. As an angler’s paradise, the lake offers up panfish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, northern pike and lake trout.

There are many fun attractions in the Lake Champlain vicinity, such as Point Au Roches State Park in Plattsburgh, hiking trails, beaches, wildlife refuge, and historic sites.

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