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281-Lake Sinclair, Georgia

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 Smack in Middle Georgia’s “Lake Country” is Lake Sinclair, located near the city of Milledgeville in Baldwin County. Lake Sinclair extends through the counties of Baldwin, Hancock and Putnam, and features roughly 417 miles of scenic, breathtaking shoreline and charming coves and inlets. This immense stretch of inviting, open water comprises of a 15,330-acre area and has a maximum depth of 90 feet.

Work began on the Sinclair Dam in 1929, conducted by the Georgia Power Company, but during the period of the Great Depression, construction was put on hold because of its negative economic impact on the company, and work resumed in 1949. February of 1953 witnessed the completion of the Sinclair Dam, which stands 104 feet high and 2,988 feet long, marking the birth of Lake Sinclair. It was named for the late B. W. Sinclair, a Georgia Power plant construction and operation superintendent. The project cost $14 million. The lake is fed by water harnessed from the Oconee River and Little River, along with other large feeder creeks, including but not limited to Log Dam Creek, Little Island Creek, Potato Creek and Crooked Creek. Lake Sinclair flows downstream, with currents running in a different direction by day and by night, and is always full.

The largest city on Lake Sinclair is Milledgeville, a charming southern town with a rich history and an eclectic feel. It served for sixty years as Georgia’s 4th capital city. Lake Sinclair provides both electricity and recreation, including fishing, water skiing, hiking, swimming, boating, wildlife watching, birding and sightseeing. Boats ramps, marinas and Oconee Springs Park provide access to the lake. Lake Sinclair is known for its yearly local and national fishing tournaments, which are a major attraction for anglers of various skill levels and interests. Fish species in Lake Sinclair include: largemouth and smallmouth bass, bream, spotted bass, shoal bass, white bass, hybrid white-striped bass, channel catfish and flathead catfish, among others. Due to the mild weather during fall and winter, fishing on Lake Sinclair can be a real treat for visitors.

A family day of fun and excitement can be enjoyed in several recreation areas, such as Oconee Springs Park and Rocky Creek Park, featuring picnic tables, grills, playgrounds and a small beach. A break from the water could lead you to Milledgeville, where you can explore some of the local historical sites, such as the Old Capitol Building or the Flannery O’Connor Room. Lake Sinclair is a man-made treasure!

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