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235 Illustrated map of Rhode Island, 1950's

235 Illustrated map of Rhode Island, 1950's

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If your child did not know that Rhode Island is the smallest in terms of its geographical area of the 50 states in the union, this map is a great starting point in teaching him or her about Rhode Island. Despite its size at 1,214 square miles, Rhode Island is densely populated, and has grown by over 200, 000 since the 1950s, when this map was originally created. Bordered by New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, Rhode Island is located in the New England Region.

Use this map as a tool to teach about the history of the state. The official name of the state is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, and is nicknamed the “Ocean State.”  Its capital, Providence, which was known as Providence Plantation, was founded by English clergyman, Roger Williams in 1636. Rhode Island is known for its rebellious streak, when it became the first North American colony to declare independence from Great Britain, and later, in the 1800s, refused to actively join in the War of 1812.

The beautiful colors of this Rhode Island map are sure to grab your child’s attention. Some of the state’s most important industries such as jewelry, metal products, electric equipment, machinery, shipbuilding, and tourism come alive in vibrant colors on this map. The fashion jewelry industry has remained a vital part of the state’s economy since the 1950s, and while the textile industry has declined, it has survived to this day.

New Port is a major city and fishing port in Rhode Island, and was once a leisure hotspot for the wealthy during the summer months in the mid-19th century. New Port can take you back in time with its rich colonial architectural styled homes that have been preserved, and as such, New Port makes for an incredible place to tour and learn about its heritage.

This children’s map can be used to not only take your child on a journey into Rhode Island’s past, but to illustrate the things that have been preserved, as well as to serve as a reference point for Rhode Island in the present day and age.

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