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215 The Ice Age Trail Map, Wisconsin Designed by Lisa Middleton

215 The Ice Age Trail Map, Wisconsin Designed by Lisa Middleton

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Ice Age Scenic Trail, Wisconsin

Work on the Ice Age Trail began in the 1950s with volunteers, and today, more than 1 million people use the trail annually. The Ice Age Trail is a 1200-mile footpath that highlights the glaciated landscape of Wisconsin. Along the route, kames, lakes, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plains, outwash plains, eskers, tunnel channels, and other older landforms take travelers through some of the state’s most beautiful, scenic, and natural terrain. The entire trail is within Wisconsin, linking together six of the nine units of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. This Trail was the dream of Milwaukeean Ray Zillmer, who envisioned a lengthy park, meandering through Wisconsin highlighting the glacial features of the region.

While the Ice Age Trail is still incomplete, more than 600 miles are yellow-blazed Ice Age Trail segments that fit hikers’ ideas of a traditional and off-road hiking experience. It is the only one of Wisconsin’s 42 state trails that is specifically designated as a "State Scenic Trail," and is one of only 11 National Scenic Trails. The Ice Age Trail helps tell the story of the last Ice Age, of mountain ranges, violent volcanoes, giant glaciers, and torrents of huge water which caused huge floods, all of which have resulted in Wisconsin's unique landscape.

The Ice Age Trail is known for its off-road hiking and backpacking trails that provide wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, plus cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in particular sections of the trail. Mammals including the red fox, American red squirrel, porcupine, black bear, grey wolf, and white-tailed deer can be seen along the trail. Birds such as the red-headed woodpecker, Acadian flycatcher, Henslow’s sparrow, and the bald eagle are visible on Ice Age Trail. Some camping opportunities along the trail are primitive walk-in campsites, yet others are private campgrounds with sites that have electric hookups.

The Ice Age Trail is a premier conservation resource that is more than just a path through the woods. It is a place to enjoy the scenic glacial terrain dotted with lakes, steep hills, and long, narrow ridges, where nature’s serenity can be enjoyed.

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