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255 Top Through Hikes of the Continental United States

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Top Through Hikes of the Continental United States

Putting one foot in front of the other, trekking through the beauty and diversity of nature with land beneath your feet is one of the most liberating experiences. For those whose wanderlust needs to be satisfied, stretching across America are many awe-inspiring trails. Best of all, hikes can take you through national parks, forests, and scenic trails, and give you plenty of trekking ground in nature. Here are some of the top through hikes in the United States.

Appalachian Trail, 14 States

If 2,185.3 miles of scenic, wooded, pastoral, and wild terrain is enough to satisfy your wanderlust, then the Appalachian Trail is the one for you. Spanning 14 states, this trail gives you attraction such as the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and Clingmans’s Dome.

Continental Divide Trail (CDT), New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana

Traversing 5 U.S states, the Continental Divide Trail is a thru-hikers paradise displaying diverse views, a multitude of ecosystems from tundra to desert, and protects nearly 2,000 natural, cultural, and historical treasures. You can take in the Weminuche Wilderness, the dramatic peaks of Colorado, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness in northern Montana, which hosts a diversity of wildlife.

Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon, Washington, California

With 2,663.5 miles of trail, Pacific Trail is a gem of a scenic trail, offering incredible views of jagged volcanic peaks, the magnificence of the desert, the vast glaciated breath of the Sierra Nevada, lush deep forests, crystal clear water of lakes, and striking canyons.

American Discovery Trail, 13 States

Extending from coast-to-coast, the Atlantic to the Pacific, for some 6,800 miles and touching 15 states, American Discovery Trail is a non-motorized recreational trail that allows individuals to hike, bike, or ride horses. This trail links a diversity of landscapes, including high mountains, deserts, deep canyons, high plains, prairies and hollows, along with small towns and major cities.  

Ice Age Trail, Wisconsin

The Ice Age Trail is a thousand-mile footpath and State Scenic Trail that highlights the glaciated landscape of Wisconsin. This predominantly off-road hiking trail, takes travelers through some of the state’s most beautiful, scenic, and natural terrain, featuring lakes, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plains, outwash plains, kames, eskers, and other older landforms.

North Country Trail (NCT), 7 States

Taking hikers straight through the northern heartlands of America for 4,600 miles, spanning seven states, NCT is a great adventure awaiting. The North Country features a diversity of landscapes ranging from the rugged to the pastoral; parks, forests, scenic attractions, wildlife refuge, historic sites, and game areas all adds to the appeal of this trail.

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