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027 Captain Carver's Travels 1781 11x14" Wisconsin,Michigan,Lake Superior,Colton map,hand painted map,Ledger Art,Great River Arts by Lisa Mi

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Plan of Captain Carvers Travels 1781

Detailing the travel routes that Capt. Jonathan Carver made to the interior parts of North America, this 1781 map by the same name is quite detailed. Colorization is used to detail the boundaries of the territories themselves as well as the areas that are adjacent to Lake superior and Lake Michigan.

As for locations on the map, great attention was given to the indigenous people of the area. These include mostly Native Americans as well as a few other types of settlements. Rivers are clearly and expertly drawn in rich detail to provide full aid while traveling. As for the man behind the map, Capt. Carver was originally from Massachusetts. Once married he later moved to Connecticut where he had seven children by his wife.

He joined the militia towards the beginning of the French and Indian war where he took up a love for exploration. In 1766 he was contracted to find a western trade route leading to the Pacific Ocean. You know this route as the Northwest passage. The incentive was that he would be guaranteed a great amount of gold for his discoveries and contributions should he successfully map the new trade route.

The current route that stretched towards the southern portion of the Cape of Good Hope was too long, and was always involved a skirmish of sorts with the contesting European political powers of the day.

The map you see here shows his interior travels through North West America (as it was known at the time), as part of his exploration attempt to find the Northwest passage. Capt. Carver would use the already established fur trade routes by the French and do some trading along the way to help finance the endeavor. He left with several large fur trading canoes to begin his journey. This map is so detailed it reads more like a story book then a navigation aid. A great piece of history and a look at a time in our nation's history when fur trade reigned supreme in our land.

This is a hand painted historical map reproduction which in it's original state was black and white, yellowed with age and possibly torn or creased. I copy the original and clean it up so I can paint it and then re-distress it so it looks antiquated. This is a copy of my original Hand painted map which is for sale $399.00. The photographic image is EASY TO FRAME at 11x14" and is bursting with all the color and character of the original painting. It is easy to read and suitable for the office or living room.

Maps make great gifts and memories!

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