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236 Illustrated map of Vermont, c. 1950's. vintage historic antique map painting poster print by Lisa Middleton

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Fun, playful maps have a way of opening up your child's imagination, and this beautifully designed map of Vermont will do just that. This map appears as though it was pulled from a story book, which is fitting because it tells a story, one that captures Vermont as it was in the 1950s. This incredible illustration is bound to captivate and inspire exploration in your little one. Plus, any teacher would be excited to have this map in their classroom.

An important lesson to begin with is the U.S states that border Vermont, which includes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. It also shares a border with Canada to the north. Commonly known as the Green Mountain State, Vermont was going through changes in the 1950s, when it witnessed the emergence of the automobile, state roads, and summer tourism. Take the opportunity to teach your young one about the changes that the automobile brought to society, as well as the story of Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson, who in 1903, became the first individual to traverse the US in an automobile.

Even more exciting could be a lesson in Vermont's most notable industry-maple syrup. As the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S, Vermont produces roughly 800, 000 gallons of maple syrup annually. How cool is that? Vermont is also known for its milk production, serving approximately a half of New England with milk for consumption today. You cannot talk about Vermont's history without mentioning other early industries such as lumber-the first major industry in the region, as well as marble, granite, and stone cutting. Apple production is also a major sector of Vermont's agricultural industry.

For kids who love McDonalds, they would be disappointed to find out that if they visit the state capital of Montpelier, they will not find a McDonalds eatery. This makes Montpelier the only U.S state capital that does not have a McDonalds. Don't forget the beautiful lakes of Vermont, particularly Lake Champlain. Maybe you will make a family trip to Vermont, and this map could be a very effective teaching tool for your child.

"Due to the unique nature of our maps all sizes are approximate. Please do not purchase a frame until you receive the map and measure it. "Full refund if returned in original condition within 14 days. Buyer pays return shipping.

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