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014 Ancient Israel 1809

014 Ancient Israel 1809

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This guide to the Middle East and holy land provides excellent detail. Landforms such as mountains, bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and seas are all skillfully drawn and wonderfully reproduced in this 1809 map by A welsh nonconformist minister named Abraham Rees.

With a rich history and the story career, Abraham was educated for his work at Cowarts Academy and Wellclose Square, very close to London. He also learned Hebrew and math at the New College at Hackney. His first assignment was in Clapham with an independent congregation where he served as an adjunct minister and assistant to the local pastor. From there he grew in his training and stature until ultimately he was elected as a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. This was after he obtained his doctoral degree from prestigious Edinburgh University.

He published several works during his lifetime, most notably the cyclopedia of Ephraim Chambers. He also published the first section of the New Cyclopedia which would ultimately take 45 volumes to complete. In addition, he also produced several books of sermons as well as a collection of hymns.

This map was most likely used as a study aid for constructing sermons around geographical points or political issues that were prevalent during Christ's time in the Middle East. It is very detailed and a stunning piece of early black and white cartography.

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