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047 Gotha Northwest 1872

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This map was first published in Germany in 1872 and is extraordinarily detailed. Editions continuing well into the 20th century. It was one of the most comprehensive and best executed 19th century German atlases. The original atlas is bound in half leather brown cloth covered boards with "Stieler's Hand Atlas" stamped in gilt on the front cover and spine. This atlas is known for it's maps containing more information than is typically found in an atlas map.

We chose this map due to it's elegance, movement, and impressive coverage of the Pacific Northwest. This series comes in Northwest, Southwest, North Central (Great Plains), and Southeast. Lisa is still searching for the other sections. All of the sections can literally be connected as one fluent piece, which can have some exciting possibilities for the collector of maps.


Due to it's intracacy we only sell this map as 24x24" and 40x40" Giclees.

All sizes are approximate. 

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