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146 Yellowstone 1949

146 Yellowstone 1949

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1949 was a notable year for the Yellowstone National Park. For starters, there were four fires in August of that year. The Mirror Plateau, Specimen Creek, North Summit Lake, and Lava Creek fires collectively burned more than 2,500 acres before they were brought under control.

Also, due to several campers being severely burned ,and some even losing their life, because they were too close to thermal features, warning signs were constructed and placed along the Upper Grey Basin. That same year, the campground at Old Faithful was constructed. However, you won't fin it today. It was removed in the year 1969. Of interesting note, the area known as Grant Village was actually outlined this same year. Then it was known by a completely different name, the West Thumb Development Project. It seems that there was much hustle and bustle going on in Yellowstone that year.

Beyond that, things have been about the same for Yellowstone and grand Teton's. People flock there annually just as they have since the mid-1900s. The hiking is great, and campfires that burn at night or field with ghost stories and roasted marshmallows. You still need to be cautious of bears. That means keeping your food tightly sealed and out of reach. Do that, and you will have a nice quiet night zip up in your tent. Yellowstone offers some of the most majestic scenery our nation has to offer. This map points to a time in the parts history when road tripping and vacationing were just beginning to come of age.

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