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061 John Smith's Map of Virginia 1606

061 John Smith's Map of Virginia 1606

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John Smith's Map of Virginia

This map of Virginia was produced by none other than Captain John Smith. No sooner did settlers arrive, than it became necessary to chart land for navigation and exploration. This map is unique for several reasons. As the first person to really explore the New World and settle the area, his map would serve as a main guide to settlers and explorers for many years to come. It would be copied and reproduced many times as more settlement and exploration occurred. In fact, it would be copied so much that it would come to be one of the most copied maps in the history of the United States.

Of interest is the Indian Council cartouche depicting Chief Powhatan. It reads "Powhatan held this state and fashion when Captain Smith was delivered to him prisoner, 1607." Perhaps it was a reminder of times past. More likely, it was an accolade of conquest and settlement, put there by the one who first forged the trail. It was a nod toward independence, and a reminder of the unknown that still lay to the west. This would not be the first time they would have to deal with angry Native Americans.

This map has been hand colored according to the original version with minor differences, and is an example of Lisa's ability to conduct "intelligent" colorization, meaning that the reproduction is painted in period style

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