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019 Bird's Eye View Map of Bozeman MT 1898

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 This map features Bozeman, Montana in all of its glory. The railway is operating in full swing, and can be seen exaggerated in the distance. Though defunct and out of business today, in the late 1800s, the railroad was a primary form of transportation for goods, services, and people. Bozeman was blossoming at the time, with a population of almost 3,500. Development began in 1863, under the town's namesake, John Bozeman. He would plot a trail through the Gallatin Valley and begin development. However, it would be the businessman and genius Nelson story who would eventually put the city on the map after braving the Bozeman Trail to drive one of the most significant herds of cattle into the region. After that, as mining began to take off, other industry would take shape. You can see one of these developments, the Ironworks, in the distance. Other industries would follow with more diversity as livestock, gold, and coal, began to drive the town's economic engine.


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