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038 England 1906

038 England 1906

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England saw herself coming into the year 1906 with many changes. She would have just as many changes during the next twelve months. For starters, the beginning of the year found England in a naval race with Germany. This happened, essentially, as soon as they finished the HMS Dreadnought.

Military endeavors were important than as they are today, and a lot of the advances and might of the British navy can be attributed to the race of 1906. Athletically speaking, rugby found its place in England and made quite a name for itself. The first international rugby match was held between England and France that year. The French were soundly beaten 25 to 8. This would mark the first of many international wins for the United Kingdom. Science made a significant stride, thanks to Richard Oldham. He put forth the preposterous argument that the earth indeed had a molten interior.

Scandalous! Yet, perhaps the most significant items of note would be an item endeared by millions of children worldwide. Many sweet dreams can be credited to J.K. Farnell London. They manufactured the first British teddy bear that year. It seems to have caught on a bit.

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