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Archived Cuba

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Known for cigars, rum, and beautiful white sand beaches, Cuba has been an enchanting island paradise for centuries. Look closely at the maps contained in this collection and you can learn a lot about this tiny island country. You can almost hear the sounds of old Havana, alive with bongos and rhythm, and the sound of vintage automobiles filling the air.

Cuba is indeed a busy place. Today, just over 11 million people call this island nation home. However, it was not always that way. Prior to the Spanish rule, the island was inhabited by ancient Amerindian tribes. Yet, once the Spanish began their colonization efforts, the Amerindian numbers began to dwindle. Cuba would remain a Spanish colony until 1898. After that, it would declare its independence, and experience a volley for power for the next fifty years or so. This has always been the story of Cuba.

Since it is the largest of all the islands in the Caribbean, piracy, adventure, and excitement are always present. You can almost feel the piracy hanging in the air, and sense the nearby presence of early conquistadors coming to stake a claim, and uncover all the bounty of this tropical paradise.


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