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Archived Greek maps

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Known in ancient times as Hellas, Greece is one of the more robust countries of the world. Perched on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is know as the cradle of Western Civilization and for good reason. They are the country that started the Olympic Games, came up with a fledgling democracy in the unique style of city-state government, just in time to be untied under Philip of Macedonia, and conquered by Alexander the Great. They have been kissed by Asian, Persian, Indian, Moroccan, and many other influences.

A look at their maps will often tell a story of trade and conquest. This is the story with which Greece is most familiar, yet it is an amazing tale of almost mythic proportions. Glimpses of independence flicker throughout certain points in history. Ultimately, Greece would find independence to be sweet. Today, they are known for having one of the most high end economies in the world. Not bad for this tiny sliver of land. Greece is a testament to the power of systemic perseverance. Take a look at any of the maps and you will find this story in each one.

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