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Archived maps of France

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Known for its romance, France also has quite a bit of intrigue and mystery shrouded in its past. The maps in this collection help tell the story of one of the most influential countries on earth. Before France was conquered by the Romans in 51 BC, the country was inhabited by Celtic people known as the Gauls. However, after Roman conquest, the Gauls would fade away. However, the Romans would find stiff opposition from Germanic Franks who had been in the area for more than a few hundred years. Eventually, these two parties would create the kingdom of France during medieval times, despite the constant political and cultural tension between the two groups pf people.They would later become a major power in Europe during the latter part of the middle ages.

From that point on,the French people began to develop their own identity and ways. They were known for being very upper-class, philanthropic, and enjoyed the finer things in life. This has made France one of the leading centers of culture throughout the world. They have made significant contributions in the areas of science, art, and philosophy. They are also known and admired worldwide for their wines and cheeses. Take a look at the maps in our collection and see if you can't smell fresh croissants wafting through the air, or hear the romance present in older parts of Paris. The French are loved and revered throughout the world, and these maps speak to that fact.


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