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Archived Spain and Portugal Maps

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With histories dating back to the 1100s, Spain and Portugal are some of the oldest countries on the planet. They have a friendly neighbor like attitude, and tend to support each other on matters of worldwide importance. However, during the age of Enlightenment this was not always the case. That was a time of differing attitudes and opinions, and conflict often found the two countries on opposite sides of issues, competing for like-minded interests. Yet, after the Napoleonic era, things begin to change and it seemed that the two had settled into their own skin as independent countries. Swords were laid down, and relations began to relax.
These maps are a testimony to what happens when countries agree to exist with imaginary boundary lines drawn between them. Marvel at their culture, revere their heritage, yet make no mistake, they are not the same. Both have unique fingerprints. They can be found in sporting venues such as football and volleyball. They can be found in dialects of language, and ways of life. While the people of Spain tend to be a bit more moderate paced, those in Portugal are often times perceived as relaxed Islanders.

Perhaps this is what drew explores to the area thousands of years ago in hopes of making a better life. Little did they know that what began in 1139 with the defeat of the Moors, would turn into a thriving culture that has garnered worldwide influence and respect.


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