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023 Butte City Montana 1884

023 Butte City Montana 1884

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This bird's eye view map of Butte City, Montana is pretty remarkable. As was consistent with bird's eye maps, this one is not drawn to scale. These types of maps were produced in an effort to showcase different industries that were responsible for the economic progress of the area. As such, scaling was not important. They were meant to be as intriguing and interesting, as they were informative.

Of interest on this particular map are the sheer number of a couple of different industries listed. If you notice, several numbers refer to different types of stamp mills. Mining was huge in Butte City at the time, and as such, several different stamp mills began to take hold all over the city and outlying areas.

A Stamp Mill was a production area that was used to stamp, or pound, ore into fine sand so the
minerals and metals could be easily extracted. They were a large source of employment among mining towns. They were noisy operations that could be heard throughout the town. Many of the miners equated the sound of the stamp mill with the sound of money being made.

The second thing you notice are the incredible amount of mines and hoisting work operations. This was due to the gold and silver rush that were going on at the time. Anyone with a dream and the equipment to make it happen could open a mine and hoisting work operation. The map is evidence that this was certainly a major part of the town's industry.

Other points of interest include several churches, a courthouse, and the city jail. There are also two different opera houses listed on the map. Yet, in all of this, there is only one school listed in the 95 key, map legend. The value of education would come later on in our development as a nation.

Overall, this is a great snapshot of Butte City's history that remembers a time when claims were staked, and precious metals were mined; all in an attempt to strike it rich.

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