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Lake Chatuge, Georgia

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Breathtaking scenic views, miles of incredible shoreline, and pristine mountain waters, showcases the aesthetics of what is truly remarkable about Lake Chatuge in the Tennessee Valley. Situated between both Hiawassee, Georgia and Hayesville, North Carolina, and extending for some 132 miles, Lake Chatuge is a 7,500 acre man-made reservoir that was created in 1942, following the construction of the Chatuge Dam across 'the hidden jewel of trout fishing,' the Hiawassee River by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), with the purpose of establishing a system of flood control and hydroelectric power. More than 37 percent of the Lake Chatuge’s watershed lies in Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina and Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, while some 10,000 acres of agricultural land used for pastures, cropland and hay lands.


The lake was named for a nearby Cherokee settlement and surrounds some islands and peninsulas on the North Carolina side. Lake Chatuge has taken the place homes, churches, gravesites and family farms that dotted the banks of the Hiawassee River in the magnificent hidden valley. What was not moved was swallowed up by the gathering river water from the many creeks and streams, meandering down the slopes of the mountains surrounding the lake. The lake’s creation was both a time of upheaval for the residents of Towns County, Georgia and Clay County, North Carolina, as well as a new beginning for others who saw the potential for new opportunities with the lake’s creation.


With a vast portion of the shoreline privately owned, vision picturesque summer homes and residences surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Chatuge and its surrounding mountain and forest area. Hiawassee and Young Harris in Towns County are filled with secluded waterfalls, historic trails like High Shoals Falls Trail, scenic areas such as Fred Hamilton Gardens, and quaint towns. Lake Chatuge has incredible spots for swimming, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, paddling, camping and secluded spots for picnicking.


Fishing is popular on Lake Chatuge, with more than 32 species of fish in the lake, including largemouth bass, white bass, spotted bass, hybrid bass, bluegill, crappie, bream, sunfish and channel catfish. Just below the Chatuge Dam, in the Hiawassee, wade fishing for trout is also very popular. Further exploration of the lake is can be enjoyed on a leisurely cruise via a pontoon boat, while a stroll along the dam offers up spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Lake Chatuge is a picture of natural, panoramic beauty, surrounded by lush forest and towering peaks.



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