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006 1867 Plan of New York

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This 1867 map of New York and Brooklyn was produced by none other than famed cartographer S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. shows New York City still in its infancy phase of development. Areas are noted according to color, making boundaries and neighborhood sections easily visible. 

The Industrial Revolution was building in the background to hit full stride, yet it would be a few decades before that happened. However there are hints of things to come, you just have to know what to look for. For instance, streets, avenues, docs, slips, and important buildings are all clearly identified as an indication of the industry and trade that thrived in the area. Yet, perhaps the biggest indicators of the coming revolution are the Navy Shipyard, that can be seen on the right hand side of the map, and the clearly identifiable steamboat routes. These were the primary method of moving goods and services from one place to another after the Civil War. Ironically, it would be the steamboats themselves that would bring about their own demise as materials they moved up and down the river would see new manufacturing plants blossom in New York and New Jersey, ushering in the industrial Revolution and the age of the automobile.

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