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Archived Children's Maps

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Are you ready to take your child on an amazing adventure? What about a map that tells a story about the place that it depicts rather than simply boring lines and place names that often cover a map? Imagination is the way many kids bring their surroundings to life, and they are continually making whimsical mental maps in their minds to reflect their understanding of geography and how things work together. Lisa’s Vintage Children’s Maps Collection provides the perfect maps for kids that will allow them to view the world around them as they often dream. These delightful, whimsical maps originate in a 1950s coloring book, artist unknown, but are given the Lisa Middleton’s touch- custom made and finished in traditional Great River Arts style. These maps feature different U.S. states, their respective primary cities, towns, landmarks, and various points of interest throughout the state. They are just what every child needs to either brighten up his or her room, or simply explore and enjoy.

There is so much to see and explore on one of our whimsical maps. History is brought to life with rich, vibrant colors and cartoonish images of native peoples and landscape, as well as several labels. These maps are great for children because they are easy to read and comprehend, depict historical facts, and are colorful enough to capture their attention. These beautiful images could very much enrich your child’s learning, and even spark an interest in the subject of Geography. This could be fun for you as well, as you look at, explore, and discuss one of these whimsical children’s maps with your little one. You can make connections with your child and assure him or her that there is much to be discovered in this world and that it can be a wonderful treat. Geography has never been this playful and fun!

These beautiful, whimsical state maps make the perfect gift for your child or grandchild. Parents can use them as a fun, interactive teaching tool to inspire exploration and discovery, and to teach your child about a particular U.S. state. Who knows…? You could very well find your home state in this collection. There are several different states to choose from, and just one of these children’s maps can be a treasured gift that can be passed on. Take your child on an adventure with one of our custom designed whimsical children’s maps today.

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