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088 New Map of South Florida: Endless Summer

088 New Map of South Florida: Endless Summer

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This new map of South Florida, expertly be drawn by Lisa Middleton, features insets of St. Petersburg, Sanibel Captiva, the Everglades, Miami, and the Treasure Coast. Each of these hold charm in their own right. The inset areas featured on the West Coast are known for their white sand beaches, recreation, and great fishing. The west coast of Florida is a bit more laid-back than other areas of the state. People retire to this part of the state for fishing and fun. The East Coast is known for being kissed by the sun and a sense of adventure. In the center of the map you can see Ponce de Leon and his search for the fountain of youth. Though that fountain was never discovered, items and artifacts found up and down the coast, from West Palm Beach to Sebastian, would ultimately lead to the area being known as the Treasure Coast. Today it is a stretch of coast that is thriving with coastal life, sport fishing, and industry.

The inserts featuring Miami and the Everglades are worth mentioning. Miami is known for its night life and South Beach district. Notice how many roads and developments exist on such a small sliver of land. Several well known athletes and celebrities call Miami home. The rich natural resources found in the Everglades National Park consist of alligators, snakes, and cranes. It is a swampy ecosystem founded on a predator/prey relationship that has existed for thousands of years. A trip the through the Glades will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time a few centuries. South Florida has so much to offer in the way of sun, fun, and history. "Endless Summer" certainly fits!

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