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Discover America's Great River Road, Vol 4 - Memphis, TN to The Gulf of Mexico By Pat Middleton

  • 1995

The fourth of a 5-Volume guidebook to traveling the entire length of the Mississippi River. Volume 4 takes the traveler through the Mississippi River Delta, including Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

"An indispensable guide for those who enjoy cruising the Mississippi on land or by boat." ~ BOOKLIST Magazine, The American Library Association

"Three of us traveled the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to Mobile this past summer. We enjoyed our epic journey enourmously, thanks mostly to DISCOVER! AMERICA'S GREAT RIVER ROAD. Your history, culture, and suggested deetours provided daily fascination and exploration, whether in our car or by boat. We just want to thank you for your wonderful guidebooks."  ~Lisa, Jake, and Silas...Vermont

"My hope is that this book will help you enjoy an area bounded by, nurtured by, and challenged by a great river.  For in the end...whether Indian, adventurer, immigrant, , or farmer...we are all Travelers.Only the River and the bluffs are here to stay." ~ Pat Middleton, Author


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