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One of a kind Primitive Wall Hangings

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Our primitive wall hangings are available in two sizes using any 18x24" giclee or 24x36" Giclee of your choice. The giclees are distressed by Lisa and slightly torn on the edges and fused to light colored doe skin from game hunted in grand Montana valleys and plains. 

The hide is then suspended from a gnarled hardwood walking stick gathered from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Then it is adorned with beads, feathers, bear claw and elk tooth, fastened by hand with leather straps and sinew. We can also use your antlers and game trophies as well. 

How did this long distance collaboration begin? While Lisa was preparing for a Rendezvous exhibit, it occurred to her how fitting it would be to display the maps period style-as if the maps were stolen from a raid by a warrior and given to his chief to display, a Chief like Black Hawk who wanted to understand the trails of the white man to better defend his people. Or that of a mountain gold miner, who's only adornment in his ramshackle cabin was an old map of his immediate region or the "old country" he left to start a new life in the west. "It didn't take much imagination to visualize my maps displayed on doe skin in an authentic atmosphere rather than in frames," Lisa says. 

Lisa searched high and low for a primitive artist and found Greg Rainwater-who also shared the same vision: the beauty of historic maps displayed as primitive art. 

Greg, a seasoned mountain man in lifestyle and recreation is from Georgia, and has been selling his primitive tools and art at gatherings and powows for most of his adult life. His life-long study of handcrafted historic ornaments started as a child. "I spent most of my kid-years in the woods," he says with a distinctly tender Appalachian accent.  Now at 60 he enjoys seeing other young artists celebrate the practice.

Lisa has now collaborated with him for several months. She has sold every one of the hangings in it's first or second presentation. Therefore, we decided to offer it online. As is the case with all one-of-a-kind pieces, the photos do not do the art justice. We will continue to post more pictures as we can. Greg is very excited to create for a wider spectrum of collectors and has immediately connected with the historical maps. Each of his pieces are made with skilled hands and true sincerity. 

Any of our historic Wagon Road Maps or Fur Trade maps would be a marvelous choice for our primitive wall hangings.



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