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103 Outer Banks 1590

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A beautiful Hand-colored view of the coast of North Carolina at the time of the first attempt at a British settlement in North America, 1585. The map shows the Outer Banks and coast of North Carolina from the modern Virginia border south to Cape Fear. The Native American villages of Secotan and Weapemeoc are depicted, as well as many others. There are many hand-drawn illustrations, including ships, sea monsters, Native Americans, and mountains. North is oriented to the right.
This map is considered one of the most significant cartographical milestones in colonial North American history. It was the most accurate map drawn in the sixteenth century of any part of that continent. This is the first map to focus on Virginia (now largely North Carolina), and records the first English attempts at colonisation in the New World.
Here we find the first printed use of the name Chesapeake, Chesepiooc Sinus, and the second of Roanoke (the first being Mazza). 

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