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044 Framed Ribbon Map of the Mississippi River

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This reproduction of a rare Mississippi River "ribbon map" was drawn by Captain Willard Glazier to "prove" his premise that the True Source of the Mississippi was Lake Glazier rather than Lake Itasca. Looking for modern day towns on an old map? Many modern-day towns are included in this. It also contains many towns noted no longer appear on maps, like Waterproof...which wasn't!
This is a hand painted historical map reproduction which in it's original state was black and white, yellowed with age and possibly torn or creased. I copy the original and clean it up so I can paint it and then re-distress it so it looks antiquated. This photographic image is 4x45" is bursting with all the color and character the original map was. It is easy to read and suitable for the office or living room.
Maps make great gifts and memories.

This frame comes with 1 inch Brown or Black slightly beveled frame and two inch matting, and includes a choice of 4 matting colors:

Raw Umber, Sedona, Forest, or Ivy.


Raw umber is our most modern color with a mottled look between slightly varying sepia to light brown colors. Raw umber comes with a black frame also. 

Sedona has a dark mustard look and feel and helps the slight orange color in the map pop out.

Forest is an alpine green, with a tiny touch of blue, which brings out the river. 

Ivy is an olive green and our second most popular color. 

Shipping is included.

"The framed prints arrived on Monday and are in great shape.  I very much like your recommendations on the matting and both  look great...As someone who has grown up next to the Mississippi, the map is perfect and I will get a thrill seeing it every day."

All sizes are approximate. 

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