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Coastal Coastal Map Collection

Our coastal design map collection is a real thrill for those who have enchanted by the sea. When you think of coastal living, images of the white, sandy beaches, beautiful, blue water, golden sunshine and the calming sound of the waves come to mind. It sounds like a dream, but even dreams can become a reality. Many people love living on the coast and for good reasons, from health benefits gained to opportunities for thrilling water sports. The natural habitat that characterizes the coast makes it alluring, as does the culture, food, flora and fauna. Living on the coast can be exciting and peaceful at the same time. 

Where else can you have the perfect blend of ocean experience and mainland comfort like living on the coast? The beach is at your front door essentially, and that provides an ease of access, removes travel time and grants the opportunity to frolic in the waters as you desire. 

In general, coastal areas have more temperate weather patterns, but the climate, by region, tends to be different. On the Pacific Coast, for example, the weather is mild, with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The weather of mountainous coastal regions tends to be unpredictable and on the Atlantic Coast, the summers are cooler and the winter sees fairly heavy rainfall. Coastal air and sunshine are beneficial to one’s health. The air allows the body to easily absorb oxygen that can equalize serotonin levels, which can improve sleep pattern and mood and limit stress. The sunshine allows the body to naturally produce Vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system.

Coastal communities tend to have rich and oftentimes colorful maritime histories that have helped to shape the region, whether it’s the story of indigenous peoples, pirates or explorers. Coastal living introduces you to new beginnings and allows you to immerse yourself into the heritage and make the culture your own. You will discover firsthand, through your own interactions what makes it so special and even add to the maritime history of the coastal region.

If you are a seafood lover, you will appreciate the freshness of a variety of seafood options that you can enjoy at local restaurants, or prepare yourself in your own special way. Fresh seafood is not typically processed and frozen prior to preparation, tastes better and is more nutrient-rich. Moreover, the coast tends to have diverse foods that that stems from different cultures, which makes coastal cuisine exciting and interesting. 

The marine life, flora and fauna found in coastal regions create the opportunity for enjoying a host of outdoor activities, both on the water and on land. Some of these include fishing, water sports (snorkeling, wake-boarding, parasailing, jet skiing and surfing, among others), bird-watching and hiking. Coastal living can allow you a lifestyle that promotes enhanced well-being and is filled with amazing adventures.  



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