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246 Custom map of the Gold Coast, FL

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Named for the gold salvaged from shipwrecks off its coastline, the Gold Coast features some 60 miles of beautiful Atlantic shoreline, which extends from the unspoiled sands of Palm Beach to the legendary strip of beaches in Fort Lauderdale. Situated along Florida's southeastern coast, miles once sprawling with grassland and vacant lots, Gold Coast has been transformed, featuring luxury accommodations, but has retained much of the natural treasures of the region. Florida Gold Coast consists of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Some thousands of years ago, the original Tequesta Tribe of Indians inhabited Biscayne Bay, in what is today Miami-Dade County and south Broward County. Bahamian descendants from the Loyalist pioneers were some of the earliest settlers in the region.

The ecosystem of Florida’s is diverse with cypress strands fringing the western side of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, pond-apple forest on the southern shore of Lake Okeechobee, and Sawgrass prairie as icon of the unspoiled Everglades. Mangroves come alive with white ibises, brown pelicans, snook, wood storks, blue herons, snowy egrets, mullet, and red drum. The Gold Coast also has a myriad of marine animals including sea turtles, sharks, spiny lobsters, and urchins, among many others.

West Palm Beach and Delray Beach are two burgeoning Gold Coast cities, with developments that feature a mixture of modern loft-buildings, luxe condos, and stylish restaurants, bar, nightclubs, and shopping outlets in general. Three hundred miles of Intercoastal Waterway, which extends from Boston to Key West, provides a scenic ride displaying multi-million dollar homes and mega-yachts dotted along the coastline. Gold Coast is known to be called the “urban playground of the rich and famous,” but locals too, generally take advantage of the leisure opportunities that the region offers up.

Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach are the most popular beachfront destinations in Gold Coast. Still, Gold Coast has tranquil locations such as Hollywood, which is quaint and low-key, and popular with Canadian snowbirds, and Hallandale, a sleepy condo community, with the Gulfstream Raceway as its main attraction. The most rural coastal atmosphere can be found in Jupiter, due largely to underdevelopment. Its beach is a quiet expanse protected by dunes with scenic wild grasses.

Florida’s Gold Coast is a great blend of modern, wealth, stylish, and quaint. It offers some of the best places for just about everyone to have a good time in nature or otherwise.

This is a digitally colored map designed by Lisa Middleton and her team.

Our framed version is tenderly framed and shipped from Holman, Wisconsin and includes a 1.5 inch frame, 2 inch white mat, glass, quality hardware, the print itself, and shipping. Please allow 3 weeks for the framed map delivery of our framed map.

All sizes are approximate. 

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